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Project Manager

Kolkata, India 4-5 years

UI/UX Designer

Kolkata, India 1-3 years

Content Developer

Kolkata, India 5 - 8 Years

Social Media Manager

Kolkata, India 7 - 12 years

SEO Specialist

Kolkata, India 2 - 5 years

Marketing Manager

Kolkata, India 5-7 years

Graphic Designer

Kolkata, India 5 - 8 Years

Web Analyst

Kolkata, India 5 - 8 Years

Together, let's assist businesses in developing their brands

With a talented team, we foresee the business's needs and guide them in the right direction to achieve their goals.

A cordial workplace where talent is appreciated

At SmartKonnects, you get to brainstorm, explore and vocalize your viewpoint and ideas- An amicable workplace with like-minded people.

Let your creative journey begin with SmartKonnects

Become a SmartKonnects team member, contribute your ideas and let's help businesses develop their digital space.


Listen to what our team says when they share their experience

Our customers feel more engaged and connected with our brand. The platform does all the work, while I focus on my core business.

Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

SmartKonnects- the workplace you've been looking

We follow values that will help you grow professionally


We look forward to working with people who are true to their work and follow some ideals in life.

Work-Life Balance

Working with us is smooth and worry-free. You get the perfect balance of work and personal life.


When you have the ideas, we are ready to hear them and implement them. We give you complete freedom to think, think and think.


SmartKonnects is a place where we believe that if you have talent, it is our responsibility to nurture it.


You grow when you work together. Be a part of a team that takes risks and will support you when necessary.


We respect the time, the ideas, and the energy you contribute towards the company and treat everyone as one.

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of digital marketing

SmartKonnects is not just a workplace; it is a place where creative mindsets and people eager to learn something new are more than welcome. You are continuously encouraged to think out of the box and deliver your best. We are flexible with an understanding management and a cooperative team that stands by you in your thick and thin. For us, our clients matter the most, and together, we work to provide them with the best-suited solutions.

Let's Go Digital!

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