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Salon & Spa's enhanced their online visibility and reached wider audience

Nowadays, everyone goes to a salon to try out various services, and it is a profitable business. But the market is competitive, so making an online presence is equally important. We were approached for maximum visibility, wider reach, and lead generation.

The plan

Our team planned to comprehensively redesign their websites, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform. Further, SmartKonnects employed targeted social media marketing campaigns to engage with the audience, fostering brand awareness and driving traffic to the salons.

What they wanted

  • They wanted their website with modern design & mobile-responsive for potential customers to access their services conveniently.
  • They needed consistent branding across digital platforms and better SEO for more organic traffic for potential customers to find the salon online, which SmartKonnects took care of.

What we delivered

  • SmartKonnects redesigned the website, making it user-friendly and mobile-responsive. We then implemented a consistent branding strategy across all platforms; optimized SEO to improve organic search rankings.
  • With our effort, the salons witnessed substantial improvements in their digital presence. The salon's brand visibility and engagement improved on social media. Effective online advertising campaigns resulted in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Our success stories

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